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Amnesty Shamnesty: Republican Patsies And Their Email Campaigns

In Letters on February 22, 2009 at 6:15 pm

I recently received an email from a conservative friend of mine containing the above video of Lou Dobbs appropriately disparaging an absurd immigration bill making its way through Congress. My conservative Christian friend has always been relatively and uncharacteristically open-minded about politics and religion, and did not have anything politically partial to say. However, many of the respondents in the email thread had several ignorant things to say, so as usual, I had to respond.

One gargantuan absurdity to note is that the video in question was from a Lou Dobbs show in 2007 discussing a Congressional immigration bill supported by none other than Socialist-in-Chief, George W. Bush. This is a typical Republican tactic, counting on the ignorance of the people to spread false information through chain emails. The dingbat fringe is a tight-knit community and they spread misinformation like wildfire. Witness the thoroughly repugnant Mayor Funderburk’s mass email chain suggesting President Obama is the Antichrist (Is Mayor Funderburk Really “Sloth” From “The Goonies”?), or the pre-election email fraud showcasing a Cook County, Illinois prison that looked like a swank hotel (Cook County Correction Center). The selection of Cook County, Illinois was an intentional attempt to link Obama, who lived and served in Cook County, with a tax-happy, heavy-spending, prisoner-coddling liberal policy. Of course, the prison in the email was actually the Justice and Detention Center in Leoben, Austria, but the rightist patsies ate it up.

Email Recipient Comment:
“for any of y’all that voted for this bunch….take a look at this….it ain’t from Fox, either, from those of you that are pathologically repelled by that network.  It’s from that old bastion of “progressive” thinking, CNN”

In-bred mountain schoolhouse grammar aside, the comment suggests to me that the commenter is “pathologically repelled” by news sources outside of Farce News, the “old bastion” of right-wing propagandistic venom. Faux News and MSNBC are two sides of the same shallow, partisan hackery coin. Both filled with close minded ideologues who spew party talking points. The only thing “fair and balanced” about that xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Christian Klan of hate spewing racists on Fox is that they ideologically oppose MSNBC’s far left group of welfare nannies.

Now, I watch Fake News, MSNBC, and CNN and the only truly fair and balanced cable news network out of the three is CNN. Others include BBC America and PBS. Most CNN viewers know Lou Dobbs is an independent (or at least he claims to be). He is usually in the political middle, despite being considered by many leftists to be a Nazi racist on par with Sean Hannity Lector due to his immigration views. To most independents, Lou is known and Mr. Independence. Who is Faux’s “Lou Dobbs”? Who represents an opposing view to the Klan of intolerant rightists on Fake News? The one sniveling weakling on Foney News, Alan Combes, left the pit of hell for something better. Who’s “left” on Faux News? The closest thing to a fair reporter on Faux News is Sheppard Smith, and he’s taken a lot of heat from Faux’s venomous fans for attacking that embarrassing fraud of a “plumber”, Joe.

On election night, CNN had a panel of left, right, and middle political analysts who mostly stuck to the facts but made supporting comments for their respective candidates, both Obama and McInsane. Until recently, CNN hosted that sniveling faerie Glen Beck. Most of what I see on CNN is actual news, but angry conservatives take it as leftist opinion because for the last 8 years it’s been mostly bad news for rightists. Farce News and MSNBC stack their ranks not with reporters or journalists, but the political equivalents to Jerry Springer and Ellen DeGeneres. Fake News and MSNBC followers wouldn’t know fair and balanced if they had a level and a standard/metric ruler.

By the way, the bullshit claim that Fake News has the most balanced audience of Republican, Democrats, and Independents might be factually true, but it’s also contextually irrelevant. Like many Independents and Democrats that I know, I watch Farce News for the shear gruesomeness of its bloody car wreck-like appeal. I watch CNN to get the facts. Then I consume rightist and leftist content (Faux News, MSNBC, Rush “Anal Cyst” Bimbo, The Huffington Post, The Weekly Standard, Crooks and Liars, etc.) to see how both sides of the spectrum interpret the facts. However, very few rightists I know consume anything other than Faux News.

One more thing about these ignorant comments, the amnesty sham was originally championed by the ex-buffoon, Bushie. In fact, the video attached in the email was from a June 2007 Lou Dobbs show covering a Congressional immigration bill supported by the dim witted W. This email scam is yet another attempt to coax ignorant Republicans into propagating misinformation. Fortunately, the bill was defeated since it treated illegal immigrants better than American citizens, and attempted to pass the hefty cost on to tax payers, which evidently didn’t include tax-dodging illegals. It was a sick bill and offered another example of Bushie’s failed policies. But the point remains, this video and the discussed bill was a Bush-supported Congressional immigration bill, not a current Democratic- or Obama-sponsored bill (not yet, at least). Take some initiative and do a little research into the validity of an email chain’s claims.

Email Recipient Comment:
“Br’er Jeep:  For the ‘Inner Circle’ (the Oneonta-8?) lest the screams mount to the rafters.  Bre’er Prince

“democrats at work.”

Yes, Democrats are dead wrong on this issue (in my opinion). Let’s not pretend, however, that the Republican rule over the past 8 years was anything less than catastrophic. No scapegoating of the Democratic led houses of Congress for the last 2 years of Bushie’s reign. There’s something called a Presidential Veto, which is exactly why the Democrats got nothing done in those two years. Bushie didn’t veto a single bill until the Democrats took control of the House and Senate, so stop blaming Democrats for the mess we’re in. It was absolute Republican rule for 8 years, and look at the results. By the way, same suggestion about researching the claims of an email chain.

Email Recipient Comment:

Again, do most Republicans go to k-12 schoolhouses where all kids sit in the same classroom? Little House on the Prairie comes to mind. First, the bill John Boehner was angry about isn’t part of the recent stimulus package. It was a separate Bush- and McCain-supported bill from 2007 that died a quick death. “WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SOCIALISM”? Where was all the outrage over Bushie’s TARP bank bailout? When a government buys preferred stock (e.g. acquires ownership) in several banks, what about that isn’t Socialism? George Bush and the 110th Congress did more for Socialism this century than did Spain. Bushie is just shy of Hugo Chavez, so stop with the fake outrage and reflect a little on the policies over the past 8 years. We’re already a socialist country thanks to both Republicans and Democrats. Any congressional or senate vote for TARP was a vote for Socialism. Also, where’s the outrage over the unprecedented spending over the past 8 years that our “CHILDRENS GRANCHILDREN WILL BE PAYING FOR [sic]”?

This isn’t an “OTHER PARTY” problem. There’s been plenty of Republican support for amnesty over the past few years. The majority of Americans are evidently against such sweeping, and expensive, immigration policy. Our representatives are not representing the people, but instead their own interests. This is a problem endemic to power and propagated by both Democrats and Republicans. The people should fire every single incumbent Representative and Senator for the next several election cycles to send a message that the people must be represented. Of course, the criminals on the hill will simply pass legislation extending term lengths to 10 years, so the people will once again resort to divisive political hackery.

Oh, by the way, staunch Nationalism and Christianity don’t mix. “THE SPANISH VOTE” would mean Spaniards, from Spain. I think what you mean is “The Mexican Vote”. Two totally different countries separated by an ocean. Didn’t your schoolhouse have a map or globe of the spherical Earth?

Email Recipient Comment:
“How do you spell insanity?”

Agreed, in principle. Though, insane people typically don’t know they or their actions are insane. The people who pushed this sham of a bill knew exactly what they were doing.

“This makes you wonder how bright some of these people in Congress are.”

This isn’t a case of mere stupidity. Certainly there are many ignorant, stupid, maybe even border-line retarded politicians (case in point, George W. Bush). However, the politics of power are simple matters of greed and corruption. Our representatives know exactly what the people want. Most just don’t give a crap. They’ll do what benefits them and their interests. They’ll fake outrage, spread fear and pit people against one another when election time rolls around, and most patsies will fall in line and re-elect their incumbents. There’s really nothing that will change this in the short-term since there are also far too many ignorant, stupid, maybe even border-line retarded voters out there who will perpetually maintain the status quo (case in point, the re-election of George W. Bush).

As Republican Clayton Williams said about rape during his run for Texas Governor, “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Socialism, massive spending, bankruptcy, loss of civil rights, shredding of the Constitution, distribution of wealth (trickled up, not down), perpetual war, profiteering, federal abuse of power, and destruction of the environment are inevitable. So, bend over Americans and try to enjoy it.