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10 Lines Of Questioning The Press Should Be Asking John McCain

In Questions on August 9, 2008 at 5:45 am

1. Did you flip-flop your position on offshore drilling to facilitate 10 donations of $28,500 each by Hess Corporation executives and family members to the McCain Victory 2008 campaign fund?  If not, is it just a coincidence that you received the donations days before you flip-flopped your position?  Two of the $28,500 donations came from a Hess office manager and her husband, an Amtrak foreman, who rent a home in a lower middle class neighborhood in Flushing, Queens.  Do you think campaign fraud has been perpetrated?  If so, will you return the money?

2. In 2002 and 2003, you voted to close the Enron loophole, saying at the time that “we’re all tainted” by Enron’s money.  Since then, you’ve hired former Enron board of directors member Phil Gramm (who helped pass the Enron loophole), Enron loophole lobbyist Charlie Black, and anti-price gouging lobbyist Wayne Berman.  Do you plan to introduce or vote to support legislation that closes the Enron loophole, despite your affiliation with beneficiaries and architects of the loophole?

3. The one war you were directly involved in resulted in your imprisonment for 5 years and ended in failure.  What specific experiences in your military or political career have taught you how to win wars?

4. How many aircraft have you crashed while serving in the Navy?  What’s the average number of aircraft Navy pilots crash in a career?

5. Is it typical for a bottom-of-the-barrel Naval Academy graduate — who places 5th from the bottom of 899 — to be assigned duty as an aircraft carrier pilot?  If not, did your position of privilege as the son and grand-son of 4 star admirals grant you unearned access?

6. Given your experience as a prisoner of war and your apparent support for CIA torture, do you think torture works?  Does it produce accurate intelligence?  If so, were your confessions of war crimes in propaganda tapes and signed statements accurate?  If not, what will you do to remove torture as a federally-sponsored activity?

7. Did you leave Naval service for civil service because you knew you’d never earn the rank of Admiral?  Senator William Cohen, Senator Gary Hart (both of whom participated in your weddings), Admiral Peter Booth, and Admiral John R. Batzler have suggested that you left Naval service for civil service because it was established that you’d never earn the rank of Admiral.  Do you disagree with their assertions?

8. Do you think presidential candidates’ spouses should receive media and public scrutiny?  If so, can you comment on your wife’s felonious behavior in the 1990s, when she stole prescription drugs from a charitable organization to fuel her own drug addiction?  Is there any correlation between Michelle Obama’s comment “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country…” and your comment “I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company”?  Are you both unpatriotic traitors, or two people who realized through significant experiences what America has to offer?

9. Given your admission of ignorance about economics and utter incompetence when attempting to answer related questions; your evident lack of general geographic knowledge of the Middle East and Europe; your confusion between Sunnis and Shiites; your mistaken time-lines of the Sunni Awakening and the surge; and, your endless flip-flops, what qualifies you to be President of the United States?  Do your many recent gaffes suggest your incompetence, or is it a reflection of your old age and decreased mental acumen?

10. Why have you decided to abandon your call to run a “respectful campaign”?  Have you become desperate to win and see going negative as your only option?  Do your trivial attack ads detract from the real issues facing our nation?